Hey there! My name is Quintessa Marie, welcome to my shop! All my life I have loved buying, wearing, and making jewelry. I can remember spending hours at a time, just sitting on my butterfly rug while making beaded necklaces and listening to music on my pink radio. I used to spend all my allowance on bead kits and DIY jewelry books. I loved giving my friends jewelry and it always made me feel proud to wear something I created myself.

Honestly, it was never my plan to create a jewelry business. Having my own business always seemed like a too good to be true dream. But, in the fall of 2020 I learned how to make rings. I started posting TikToks about my rings and from then on, I have learned so much about making quality jewelry and running a small business. I hope to keep growing MarieRings and I appreciate you following me on this journey.

Every piece of jewelry is handcrafted right outside Nashville in Franklin, TN. Happy shopping!

xoxo, Marie