Marie Rings


1. Will your products turn my finger green, or tarnish?

- No, we use quality materials to create our rings. They are tarnish free and will not turn your finger green.

2. What ring sizes do you use?

- We use American sizes 4-13 (including half sizes)

3. How do I find my ring size?

- I have a video on how to find your ring size on my TikTok

4.Where are you based?

- Right outside of Nashville in Franklin, TN

5. Who makes the jewelry?

- Marie, 16, handcrafts each of the rings. Her little sister, Rosa, also helps with making necklaces. 

6. Do you accept PayPal?

- We are still in the process of setting a PayPal, it is coming soon. If you prefer to use PayPal you can purchase through my Depop Shop.